Imladris Farm Jam and Apple Butter

Walter and Wendy Harrill approached us in 2003 to put their jams on Early Girl's tables.  Saying yes to their "berry best" continues to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Imladris Farm is a family operation 5 generations strong.  If you have a chance to visit them (try ASAP's annual Farm Tour), you will be amazed by how well they use their hilly terrain growing berries and raising rabbits and chicken.  If you come to see us on a weekend in season, you will most likely meet Walter just outside our front door on Wall Street with eggs to sell and jams and apple butter to sample. 


Patty Bilbro Pottery

Patty was a server at Early Girl in the early 2000’s.  If you get a chance to speak with her I am certain she can tell you a lot about what Asheville was like back in the day. She was here to train many of our original staff and she stayed with us even when the shifts were not so busy.  She has always been a hard worker with a great sense of professionalism, so, it was a no-brainer to pick her pottery to add to our tableware. Patty’s work has taken on many different aesthetics and continues to evolve, but the quality and durability of her pots has never wavered. On average one pot is used a few years on our tables- 7 days a week, 3 meals a day (2 meals on Mondays)  Love it because it’s adorable- buy it because it works!  



All of our t-shirts are made by American Apparel which means they are made in the United States.  Over the years we have carried other shirts, but these have always gotten the best guest feedback and lasted the longest for our staff.  As you can imagine, a busy week in the restaurant can put a lot on one t-shirt.  We stick with these tees, because they stand up to use; they are thin enough to be worn in a hot kitchen, strong enough to stand many washes and fit well enough to keep you feeling good even though you spilled cream on yourself (again).


O’Yeah Hot Sauce

Kent approached us about his hot sauce and we figured we would give it a try since 10% of it’s proceeds go to benefit the Jubilee community right down the street from us at 46 Wall Street. We were not prepared for the complete adoration that followed. People love this sauce! Gluten-free, a benefit to charity and totally delicious- what’s not to love?!


Custom Apron

If you have read more than one of these origin stories you are starting to understand that we are in the high volume restaurant business and we do not go easy on our uniforms or on anything used in our space!  These aprons are not only sewn by a staff member, they are also used by our staff. They are built to last.  Mandy has a great sense of color and pattern and has made an individual apron for each our servers- matching their own personal aesthetic.  Tell her what you like and she will sew it for you or ask what she has on hand and pick the one that speaks to you. 


Fire from the Mountain

Pete and Doreen grow the peppers in nearby Zionville, NC and make the sauce down the road in Enka.  They manage to make it hot without burn, so you can taste the produce and spices over the heat.  We have so much respect for all that goes into one delicious bottle!  Guests ask for it by name and have grown to consider it part of the flavor of Early Girl.  We can’t imagine our online shop without it.

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