EGE Reusable Tote Bag

Sold out.

American-Made by family-owned and women-run company Enviro-Tote, Early Girl Eatery's new tote bag is fresh off the line from our local screen-printers. Our tote bag is the perfect accompaniment to your local farmer's market, grocery store, thrift shop, library, cafe, craft store, or anywhere you might need a helpful sturdy bag.

Ample but not too over-sized at 18" tall and 13" wide, our tote features a 6" gusseted bottom, and sports nice long 25" cotton woven handles. Made of 100% cotton with triple stitching on the handles, it  will comfortable carry 2 rows or 16 canned goods, a six pack and 2-liter bottle, your weekly produce, or a half bushel of apples! 

And of course screen-printed with our recognizable vintage-inspired emblem. Whether for you or for a loved one, our tote bags are an instantly classic eco-friendly accessory that can also double as a gift bag for your other online gift purchases. 

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